My Disney Dream

A few years ago I remember seeing the posts of the new Disney Parks Moms Panelists during training as they had their pictures taken early one misty morning before Magic Kingdom Park opened to the public and it gave me chills.

Now I dream of what I imagine would be an almost surreal experience of walking down Main Street, U.S.A. towards Cinderella Castle without anyone else around and being able to gaze in wonder and appreciation at one man’s dream and the creativity and talent of so many more who brought it to life.

I dream of having the time and space to absorb all the nuances and layers of imaginering that often go unseen and unnoticed as crowds rush to their favorite attractions during park hours.

I imagine in the peace and tranquility of a misty morning I could almost hear Walt as if a whisper on the breeze saying “If you can dream, you can do it” as I walk under the archway and into Cinderella Caste.

This is my dream and even 30 minutes of it would be the beginning of an absolutely, perfectly, magical day.

Cinderella Castle



5 thoughts on “My Disney Dream

    • I truly hope the Disney Parks Moms Panel is a journey we finally get to take this year (& my FastPass to Round 2 will certainly be helpful) but whether it is or not I will still dream of half an hour of peaceful contemplation on Main Street.

  1. Lisa,
    I echo your sentiment and do truly agree with taking in all the imagineering details. That’s what strolling through any Disney theme park now means to me. You have to visit on your own someday soon, that experience is like no other.
    Good luck with your dreams of making the Disney MP. 🙂

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